Whether you're interested in cycling for fitness, financial reasons —or fun !—RideOn is here to get things rolling. It's quick and easy to create your profile, and your information is always kept private and secure.

The RideOn app is designed to sync with most activity trackers (Strava, FitBit, Garmin, Under Armor and more!). You'll automatically log your green rides to work and school, and qualify for our FREE Emergency Ride Home Program. Then, if you get sick or severe weather crops up, you get a safe cab ride home and RideOn gets the bill!


If you're a new rider (or it's been a while), use your profile to find an experienced rider to travel with you at first. Your local RideOn team member can also introduce you to friendly experts who can answer questions about the best routes, comfort and safety, and insider tips for looking fresh and professional when you arrive.

And if you're an experienced rider who's willing to share your knowledge, please let us know that, too!


  • A FREE bike helmet
  • Bike commuter workshops
  • Lunch and Learn speakers
  • Bike to Work Day support


The REAL Rules of the road: Florida Bicycle Pedestrian Law Enforcement Guide (2018 ed)

Customize your commute by pairing cycling and transit. Check out this quick tutorial to take your bike on the bus:

Not Sure?

Learn about our Emergency Ride Home Program here

Don't miss out on the every day benefits of ridesharing because of "what-if" worries! When you log your smart commute at least 3 days a week, you qualify for our FREE Emergency Ride Home Program. Then, if you become ill or severe weather develops, you get a cab ride home, and RideOn gets the bill.

We've got you covered, when you RideOn...together!