Emergency Ride Home Program

When you use a smart commute at least 3 days a week (any combination of bus, bike, walk or carpool/vanpool), log those trips on your RideOn profile to qualify for our FREE Emergency Ride Home Program!

Then, if something happens (such as illness or unexpected overtime) to disrupt your usual way home, you simply request a taxi through the app. You get a quick, safe ride home and RideOn gets the bill. We’ve got you covered, because you RideOn…together!


You may be wondering…


“I carpool with my spouse. Does that count?”

Yes. Any two adults who pool to work/school at least 3 days per week qualify.


“What qualifies as an emergency?”

Any unforeseen situation that disrupts your usual trip home. If your pool driver went home sick or your supervisor unexpectedly asks you to stay late, that would qualify. If you walked or biked and dangerous weather arises, that would qualify. 

If you know ahead of time that your ride won’t be available (pool driver on vacation; scheduled for hours outside transit service), that does not qualify as an emergency. You will need to make other arrangements.


“Can I use it to get TO work or school?”

No. The purpose of ERH Program is to get you safely home in the event of an emergency.


“Am I limited to a certain number of uses?”

Most ERH participants discover they rarely—if ever—use their voucher. If an uncommon number of vouchers are being used (3+ per year), your use of the program may be temporarily suspended.


“If it’s free to me, who pays?”

The Emergency Ride Home Program is funded by a grant from the Florida Department of Transportation, to encourage the use of sustainable and affordable commute choices.